It seems likely that, as hoped, by the end of April 2014 the Sarum Studio will become a full time atelier, with three academic terms commencing officially in October 2014. However, there will be classes at the Wren Hall from the end of April (please enquire), and there will be the usual six week summer school.

Classes are held at the Wren Hall in the stunning setting of Salisbury Cathedral Close from 09.45-12.30 and 13.30-16.00 weekdays.
The Wren Hall
The 2014 summer school will begin Monday July 21st and run until Friday 29th August, i.e. for six weeks. It is possible to sign up for less than the full six weeks as priced below:

First Week         350

Thereafter         250 extra per week

Six weeks         1,500

For those working on portraits there is a small charge of 50 a week for portrait model costs.

Salisbury Cathedral