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Apart from the regular full and part time courses, the Sarum Studio is proud to announce a new Foundation Course that will furnish students with a comprehensive overview of the sight-size method including cast and figure drawing, and figure and portrait painting. Students will also learn to hand grind oil paint and make painting mediums, and how to stretch and prime canvas. The course is designed to equip students with a thorough grounding for further degree equivalent studies here at the Sarum Studio, or other ateliers and academies in Europe and elsewhere.

At the Sarum Studio we welcome part-time students from complete beginners to those with previous experience who might only be able to attend for shorter periods, most of whom return regularly to continue their training. Whether undertaken en bloc or spread out over time, all students evolve visual and technical abilities through the constant practice of working from nature and the challenge of progressively more advanced projects.

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The popular Sarum Studio summer school runs from the second half of July until the middle of August. It offers an ideal introduction to sight-size for beginners, while returning students develop new skills through the challenge of more ambitious projects. Students work daily from the life model, and cast or portrait projects, according to ability. The summer school is essentially a synopsis of the full-time course.

Courses also include seminars and demonstrations, art history lectures, and school trips to important exhibitions and country house collections. Recent overseas adventures have taken us to Amsterdam (Vermeer), Madrid, and Vienna. 

During the latter part of August or early September we run a two-week sculpture course with Alastair Barford, whose recent painting of King Charles has received widespread acclaim.

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