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The Wren Hall

The Wren Hall is a graceful Queen Anne building that was remodelled in the early 1700s to provide a classroom and dormitories for the Cathedral choristers, generations of whom received an education within its walls until 1947. Sarum Studio at the Wren Hall continues this educational ethic.

Light and space are the most important requirements when drawing and painting from life, and the East/West orientation of the hall provides uninterrupted natural light throughout the day. In addition, the room is big enough to allow up to twelve students optimal working conditions, as they need to be able to stand back to review their work at the proper distance.

The location and atmosphere of the Wren Hall, and the peace and beauty of the Cathedral Close, combine to create a uniquely inspiring environment conducive to study, and a gratifying, enjoyable experience away from everyday distractions.

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